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Updated March 2007

Coyote Kennels was purpose built for breeding racing greyhounds.  Only the finest bred greyhounds are used.  All of our greyhound brood bitches have been very carefully selected to ensure that every greyhound we breed has a chance of becoming a top racing greyhound.


Coyote Greyhounds KennelsOur emphasis is firmly on quality rather than quantity, and providing the quality at affordable prices.  We have therefore undertaken a project over the last 12 months to reduce the size of our breeding operation to allow more time to be spent on the hands on rearing and exercising of each dog individually.  As a result we are confident that the current crop of pups and saplings will perform significantly better than litters from previous years. 


We believe there are three important factors in the breeding of potential Greyhound Champions:

1.    Bloodline selection and matching 

2.    Feeding & Nutrition

3.    Exercise & Development


Greyhound Bloodlines

We use greyhound brood bitches from only the very best proven bloodlines, many of which have come directly from Sean & Michael Dunphys' famous Droopys' kennels in Ireland, or from the impeccably bred broods of Seamus Graham. 

Once selected, our greyhound broods are carefully matched to sires based on thorough analysis of their bloodlines  to identify successful  breeding patterns from previous generations.

Greyhound Feeding & Nutrition

All of our greyhounds are fed a diet of cooked mince beef and Chudley's formulated feed, together with soups, fish, brown bread, and a selection of vitamins and minerals to ensure the perfect balanced diet that is required to produce strong racing greyhounds.  All dogs are regularly wormed and treated for fleas.

Greyhound Exercise & Development

We firmly believe that greyhound pups and saplings need plenty of open space to develop their agility, balance and speed.  Our 5 acre grounds based in the heart of Lincolnshire, England provide that development opportunity.  Coyote Kennels are designed specifically for the whelping and rearing of racing greyhounds, with the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene being of paramount importance.  From an early age, our greyhound pups are given the freedom to run and chase in our paddocks. 

Breeder, Ian Taylor has over 10 years of experience in the breeding, rearing and training of racing greyhounds, ensuring that every dog bred has a chance of becoming a future Champion.

Take a look at our stock and facilities, we know you will be impressed.

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