Greyhound Pups For Sale


World Class  x  Droopys Justine

Droopys Shearer  x  Droopys Sarah

Dutchys Angel  x  Droopys Sarah

Droopys Maldini  x  Coyote Bullet

Knockeven Star  x  Droopys Natalie

Knockabout Wok  x  Coyote Marina

Greyhound Saplings Ready to be Schooled

Droopys Corleone  x  Droopys Sarah
Droopys Corleone  x Coyote Marina
Dutchys Angel  x  Droopys Justine
Ducthys Angel  x  Mount Prospect
All are very reasonably priced, for further details of ages and sexes available please contact Ian Taylor on 07877 356675 or email